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Wicked Academia: Lost Star ~ Review

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

Hi Everyone

Happy Wednesday! I'm so excited for today's review for Wicked Academia: Lost Stars and the release of the book next week. The book is by Jasmine Jenkins and Sophie Sulliman and is a New Adult fantasy novel that was originally a Web Novel. It's also going to eventually be a series, or if you're impatient you can read the web novel version on Sophie and Jasmine's patreon which goes far beyond book 1 & 2! I first saw the plot of this book through Jasmine and Sophies instagram reels and was instantly drawn to the plot and the characters. I'm so thankful to get to read an ARC of this book and I can't wait for everyone else to be able to read it as well!

The Greywick siblings have easily stolen my entire heart. I’m already anticipating the release of Stormwind of Shadows so I can read more of the trio’s adventures. Lost Stars follows the Greywick siblings in their adventures from supposedly ordinary people, besides the fact that they glow on moonless nights, to saving a prince and finding out the three of them are the Lost Stars: descendants of the gods. Their father’s rule about staying away from the Celestial Academy for Fallen Stars gets thrown out the window -not without some hesitation of course- when it’s revealed who the triplets really are and they end up at the academy to find answers about their family and life. I love following their journey and can’t wait to see where the continuation of their journey takes them, or rather who it’ll turn them into.

You could see right from the beginning, and even more so after getting to the Celestial Academy, that the triplets each have their own very different personalities and each gravitated towards a different falling star and their students at the academy. Giving them that independence from one another made them a better trio in my opinion. It also made the sow of their loyalty to one another more significant.

I liked having POV’s of each of the siblings, it meant getting to read three separate little adventures as well s having the overall adventure of the story. Giving each of the Greywick’s a love interest made me so happy, and the fact their individual love stories each had a different trope made it even better. I’m a bit impartial to Timothée and Marion’s romances since grumpy/sunshine and enemies to lovers are my favoured tropes. There is definitely something so sweet about Vivian’s love story though.

Also, Timothée being the bisexual little cinnamon roll that he is makes me want to protect him with my life. I think given his story was the one that left on the biggest cliffhanger ending I’m most curious to see where the next part of his story leads.

The whole ending definitely left me wanting more and I can’t wait to see where the story goes from here!

Until next time,

Emily Marie

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