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Starry-Eyed Love ~ Review


Happy Tuesday, and happy release day. I'm so excited to share my thoughts on Helena Hunting's newest book, Starry-Eyed Love, which came out today. It's part of the Spark House collection so if you've read When Sparks Fly you'll recognize a lot of familiar faces. The books don't have to be read in order but I'd recommend it if you don't want book 1 spoilers.

Thank you so much to St. Martin's Press and Netgalley for the ARC. I would highly recommend checking the book out if you haven't already.

Spark House sisters are back! After reading When Sparks Fly I was excited to read Starry-Eyed Love and it was definitely just as cute and fun as the first book. I love collections of books like this where each story is focused on different characters but we still get a glimpse at the characters from the previous books, it was nice to see Avery and Declan again. I was quite excited for London's story as she gave the appearance of being the more serious one of the sisters but there is really so much more to her. I loved seeing the progression of her Etsy shop throughout the book and her starting to find more time for doing what she truly loves.

And the romance..... It was just wonderful. As London's luck would have it, Jackson, the very man she turned down a while back just happens to be the CEO of the multi-million-dollar company that is interested in working with Spark House. I enjoyed Jackson and London having more of a friendship at first before jumping into a relationship, even if it was very obvious that there was lots of chemistry between them right from the start. I thought their relationship progressed nicely. There was definitely some miscommunication between the two, as well as between Jackson and an ex, that definitely seemed a bit immature in the way it was handled. The whole situation was worked out in the end and I thought it got cleared up well.

I think Jackson definitely helped and encouraged London to stand up for wanting more time to spend on her own interests. It led to an important conversation between the Spark sisters which I was glad to see happen. I think the London's story ended really well and I was happy to see her be able put more focus into what really matters to her.

I hope we get to see one more book for the third Spark sister, but until then I'll keep rereading these first two adorable romances.

Emily Marie

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