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My Favourite Fall Reads

Hey Everyone,

Welcome to my first post! Since it’s nearly October (I know, I can’t believe it either) I thought a post on book recommendations for fall seemed appropriate. These are all books I’ve read, within the past year, and personally LOVED. Most of them being on my favourites list. But apart from that, these are books I can see myself rereading when the weather gets colder and you want a book to read while you curl up with a blanket and a hot drink. I tried to include more than one genre in the list, but that proved a bit harder than I thought since I haven’t been reading much other than romcoms. Fantasy is still one of my favourite genres so you can bet I’ll be writing about those books in the future. For now, enjoy a list of my recommended fall reads!

1. Ghost of the Shadow Market - Cassandra Clare

A collection of short stories following Brother Zachariah through two centuries of visits to the renowned shadow market. The book includes stories with characters from all of the Shadowhunters Chronicles series. Everyone from Tessa Grey and Anna Lightwood to Ty Blackthorn and Kit Herondale make appearances. I found it a good read for when I didn’t have as much time since I could read one of the short stories and then put the book down until next time. No cliffhangers to worry about, unlike some of Cassie’s other books.

2. Library of Lost Things - Laura Taylor Namey

Fairytales have always been Darcy’s escape from the real world, and problems going on at home, but actual love is another thing completely. When Asher starts coming to the bookstore Darcey works at for his breaks Darcy can never seem to get things quite right. And yet something about Asher makes Darcy fell like she can be more open. As the two open up to each other the more they talk, how long is it before the truth she always tries to hide comes out. Additionally, how long before Darcey realizes the relationship that could be right in from of her if she woke up from her fairy tale world.

3. Tweet Cute - Emma Lorde

What happens when you start to fall for who you think are two separate people, only to realize it’s been just one person all along. After a fluke meting because of school Pepper and Jack have started a twitter rivalry on their families companies twitters. On screen they appear rivals but behind the scenes they’re becoming friends. Meanwhile they’re talking on an app Jack created without realizing it since the app, made specifically for students of their high school, doesn’t tell you who you’re talking to right away. The connections shared between the two both online and in person lead to confusion of who they think they like. So what happens when the whole truth comes out, and its been one person for both of them all along?

4. Marriage on Madison Avenue - Lauren Layne

A perfect book to read in one sitting. What started off as a fake relationship as a coverup leads to true feelings and potential heartbreak. Audrey and Clarke have always been best friends, no romance ever involved, and always loyal to one another. So when Clarke asks Audrey to be his fake finance of course she says yes. Problems start when the “fake” engagements starts to seem a bit too real. They will do whatever it takes to make sure Clarke’s mom believes the engagement, and soon enough they’ve got an entire wedding planned out. Mix in the start of real romantic feelings and it’s a recipe for disaster; or maybe, just maybe, a happily ever after?

5. Recommended for you - Laura Silverman

Set around the holiday season, this book is the perfect December read. Shoshanna loves working at her favourite bookstore and even better, getting a potential holiday bonus to fix her car. The only problem is Jake, the new hire, who is also determined to win the bonus. Shoshanna is desperate to get the bonus so she can at least fix one thing, among many, in her life. But once they slow down and look past the rivalry they’ve created there might be more to each other than they realize. And even more shockingly they might actually come to be really great friends…or maybe more?

And those are my (current) favourite fall reads that I recommend. 'Recommended For You' would also be a wonderful read for December and the holidays as well. I hope you all enjoyed my list and I'd love to hear if you've read any of these books or have any on your tbr pile. Also let me know if there's anything in particular you want to see on my blog in the future! I'll be trying to put up about one post a week on here, but I'm on my IG almost daily so head over there to say hi if you haven't already - @talesbetweenthepages


Emily Marie

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