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I Hate You More - Review

Hi Everyone,

Happy Wednesday! I know It’s been a while but I’m getting back to my review and and currently lining up a bunch to get back into things over the next few weeks. Because it’s been a while I’v got a ton of reviews to catch up on and first up is I Hate You More by Lucy Gilmore. This book is already out, As of Nov 2, so I encourage you to go check it out if you haven’t already.

To start off I have to say what a cute and easy read this was. It’s a perfect read for when I want to read a book in one sitting. Enemies to lovers also happens to be my favourite trope so that automatically sold me even more, plus any books with dogs being a main part of the story is an added bonus. When that main dog is a lazy yet very sassy golden retriever it make everything even better. Wheezy -that’s the dogs name- what such a character and obviously could’t have cared less about being entered in a dog show. Despite that, I love the determination that Ruby has to train Wheezy even though he would listen, to her at least. Most of the other characters doubted Wheezy, including Spencer who was a judge of the dog show, but I think that just made Ruby even more determined. She seriously wants to prove to Spencer that her and Wheezy can win the dog show, even though it might seem a bit impossible. Speaking of Ruby and Spencer, I absolutely loved their chemistry. Their story isn’t just enemies to lovers but also grumpy and sunshine trope. They seem to love to hate each other even when we all know they really don’t. There were some really genuine moments between the two where they’d open up to each other which I quite enjoyed. There’s also a few steamier moments between them as well which really showed their chemistry.

On her own, Ruby is such a strong main character which I absolutely loved. The connections she has with the residents of the retirement home she’s a nursing assistant at is so sweet. She also definitely grows her confidents level throughout the book which I loved seeing happen. Being a former beauty queen has her sometimes dealing with some childhood trauma, including her mom being her pageant coach, but she really is a strong independent woman now.

For Spencer, I was quite interested in the relationship he had between him and his brother swell as their parents. Spencer is on probation for most of the book and living with his brother Caleb, but Caleb wants to protect his parents from the issues that Spencer’s having so their parents don’t know about the probation - no one besides the two brothers do. The family dynamic is quite interesting and I liked seeing how it changed throughout the book and some of the issues got resolved.

I thought this book was a wonderful contemporary romance and loved that it was perfect for a one sitting read. It had some great heartfelt and deeper conversations and moments which I enjoyed and the romance was delightful. Thank you to NetGalley and Sourcebooks for the ebook!

Emily Marie

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