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Fantasy & Flirtation - Witch Please Review

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

Hi Everyone!

Today I’ve got another book review, this time for a new adult fantasy romance called Witch Please by Ann Aguirre. The book comes out next Tuesday September 7th and I would highly recommend going to check it out then! I was beyond excited to get a chance to read an ARC of this book and can't wait to get my physical copy on the 7th - or whenever my preorder arrives. Until then, enjoy my review.

The story follows modern day witch Danica Waterhouse, who co-owns a magical tech repair shop called ‘Fix-It-Witches’ with her cousin Clementine. Danica and her cousin live in plain sight in their small town but never known to mortals as witches. The girls have been pushed towards dating and marrying into a respectable witch family and to not think about mundanes. That already isn’t going best as it is, and then in walks Titus Winnaker a bisexual cinnamon roll mundane with the worst luck in love who owns a bakery just down the street from Fix-It-Witches. There’s an instant spark between the two which ends to conflicting feelings for Danica. But for Danica nothing permanent can happen between the two, or so she thinks.

I can’t think of much that’s better than a romance book with witches. I fell in love with Danica right from the start and the same with Titus. The first line had me laughing and instantly hooked to the story and Danica’s character. Danica is a confident sweetheart who loves to please her friends and family and dislikes conflict (an occasional issue with her mom and grandmother.) She is incredibly close to her cousin, Clementne, and loves her like a sister. And whether Danica will admit it or not, there is an instant spark when she meets Titus.Titus really is a cinnamon roll, very appropriate given he runs a bakery. I truly loved and admired Titus and found that there something that just made him so loveable and also relatable. It was easy to tell how instantly he fell for Danica and it was the sweetest thing to see. I loved seeing that instant spark that Titus and Danica had. You could tell right away that this was going to cause family drama for Danica, but no matter how hard she tried to resist she kept coming back to Titus. Between Titus having multiple failed past relationships and Danica’s recent heartbreak, and the fact that Titus is a mundane, both of them were a bit guarded with their feelings. To be together meant overcoming a fair amount of obstacles on both sides, but it was easy to see the trouble would be worth it. Their romance was so sweet and I’d definitely give points for the sexy scenes there weren’t too many but the ones that were there were truly steamy.

When it came to other characters Dancia’s grandmother (Gram) was one I was unsure about from the beginning, and throughout the story I could tell my first instinct had been right. She had always made her feelings about mundanes quite clear but you really learn throughout the story just how deep those feelings go and how far she would go to keep them out of her family’s life. On the other side of the spectrum, Danica’s mother had gone against her mom and married a mundane which created a lot of family tension. There were obviously a lot of things that were left unsaid for far too long.

I thought it was wonderful to see Danica slowly start to stand up for herself throughout the book and make her own decisions without the influence of anyone else. I really loved seeing that character development. It was easy to see that standing up to someone she looked up to for a lot of her life was a very hard thing for her to do. The reasons were all valid, but I was really happy to see Danica push through and stand up for what she really wanted in her life. Her life had obviously been greatly influenced from a fairly young age and that influence wasn’t something easy to get out of. I was proud of Danica when it came to the outcome of the story, I thought it was good character development.

This was such a cute and sexy romance that I truly enjoyed reading. I loved the small town theme as well, it fit the story perfectly. It was a fun and easy read that I never wanted put down. I can't wait to get my phsical copy to re-read again and again. A huge thank you to NetGalley and Sourcebooks Cassablanca for the ARC.

Emily Marie

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