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Accomplished ~ Arc Review

Hi Everyone

Happy Tuesday and happy release day! There's definitely a couple of new releases today I can't wait to get physical copies of, this book included. When it comes to young adult books I'm always a big fan of the books that Wednesday Books publishes, and I'm always super excited to receive e-copies of arc from them and Accomplished was no exception. It released today so I would definitely recommend going to check it out!

I feel like i've become a bit impartial to boarding school books, but that's probably because they hardly ever fail to disappoint and this book was no exception. I haven't read Pride and Prejudice - I realize I really should at some point - so I can't say how this is as a retelling but either way I found the story absolutely wonderful. After a pretty major incident with her now ex-boyfriend Wickham at the end of the last school year Georgiana Darcy is determined to make everyone stop hating her now that she's back for a new year of school.

I loved how determined she as to make amends with her classmates even if some of her ideas for how to do that were a bit misguided. Feeling like a loner at school is never fun so I did feel bad for Georgie when everyone turned their backs on her and refused any attempt she made at apologizing. I thought Avery was incredibly sweet for helping Georgie and being her friend when she had no one else despite the fact that their friendship has kind of fallen through last school year when Georgie and Wickham's relationship started to interfere with Georgie and Avery's friendship. I thought the friends to lovers trope between Avery and Georgie was really cute. Especially seeing that Avery was one of the few people who saw who Georgie really was from the very beginning and always accepted her.

I think having Avery as a friend made a big difference when there was so much craziness going on for Georgie. Being the only Darcy at school since her brother had graduated felt like a lot of pressure since Georgie felt like her brother had excelled at a lot of things that she didn't and It made her feel like she had to prove herself even more. Proving to her teachers and more importantly her bother turned out to be a lot harder than anticipated. Getting on her brother Fits'z good side in general seemed like a hard job, even though in the end it seemed like it was all just miscommunication between the siblings. I did like how Darcy and Fitz's storyline ended, and even if their relationship was quite rocky for a while you could tell that they cared a lot about each other.

This was such a wonderful contemporary YA read and I'm glad I got to read an arc of it! Thank you to St Martin's Press/Wednesday books for providing me with an arc.

Until next time,

Emily Marie

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