Review: The Seers (Holders #2) by Julianna Scott

Review: The Seers (Holders #2) by Julianna ScottThe Seers by Julianna Scott
Series: The Holders #2
Published by Osprey Publishing on 2014-02-04
Pages: 343
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After nearly being drained of her ability and betrayed by a man her father trusted, Becca Ingle was left with one clue -- Ciaran Shea. He holds the key to the downfall of the power-mad Holder, Darragh, and can ensure the safety of both Holder and Human kind alike... but is he willing to help?  Becca, Alex, Jocelyn, and Cormac set out Adare Manor to meet with the Bhunaidh, an aristocratic group of pure blooded Holders of whom Ciaran is a rumored member. However, when Becca discovers that they might not be the only ones after the information Ciaran has, everyone begins to wonder if Bhunaidh might not be as uninvolved with Darragh as they claim.  A race to uncover Ciaran's secrets begins, where the line between friend and foe is blurred, and everyone seems to have their own agenda. Becca will have to call on every ability at her disposal to uncover the truth, all the while knowing that sometimes the answer is more dangerous than the question. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Have you ever heard of the sophomore slump? It’s basically the idea that the second book or movie in a series isn’t as good as the first (or last) book. “The Seers” definitely hit the sophomore slump. It was a good read, but it lacked some of the clever thinking that made “The Holders” so good.

What I enjoy about Scott’s writing style is that the plot is fast-paced but the characters don’t move around a lot. Meaning, that there is generally one major setting for the entire novel. It was St. Brigid’s in “The Holders” and Adare Manor in “The Seers.” Sometimes it’s exhausting following a character all over creation. We really get to know an area when the character stays put and experiences all there is to offer.  Adare Manor is certainly a gorgeous place, both in Scott’s description of it and in photos that I’ve seen on the internet.

So why do I think “The Seers” falls into the sophomore slump? It was the last quarter of the book. The mystery around Ciaran Shea was fantastic. But the View Spoiler »

So Becca and Alex are in love. They’re anams. They’re also desperately trying to find a place for some adult alone time. This provided a bit of comedic relief. Just when you think it’s going to happen, Jocelyn catches them. How horrifying. When the time comes for them, Scott is sure to highlight how wonderful and awkward it can be. It was a nice, realistic touch. She also makes it a point to make sure it’s clear that being in love with the right person makes all the difference. It was a very responsible take on sex that was nice to see in a YA book. Both are 18 and over. Both are consenting. Precautions were taken. In the end, it was nice.

I want to take a minute to talk about Bastian. I was totally convinced that he was going to double cross Becca. I was wrong. He was an interesting character. He has his own secrets that are shocking and exciting. I liked the friendship that developed between he and Becca. They are uniquely able to understand each other. He’s protective over his brother, Steven, in the same way that she is protective over her own brother.

So, as it turns out, the only reason why I didn’t like this book as much is because I found the last action sequence too unbelievable. If it had ended on a stronger note, I wouldn’t have even thought of the sophomore slump.

But, “The Seers” was a good read. I really like this series and can’t wait to read the next.


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