Review: Literary Starbucks from the Creators of the Eponymous Tumblr

Review: Literary Starbucks from the Creators of the Eponymous TumblrLiterary Starbucks: Freshly-Brewed Bookish Humor, No-Whip, Half-Caf by Nora Anderson Katz, Wilson Isaac Josephson, Jill Madeline Poskanzer, Harry Bliss
Published by St. Martin's Griffin on August 2016
Pages: 256
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I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Starbucks, the book based on the super popular Tumblr site, gives readers a glimpse into the Starbucks of your dreams, full of the authors and characters you love and how they order their favorite drinks. It’s a fun book that is surprisingly authentic. I never came across a scenario where I thought, “Eh, they wouldn’t say that.” Verdict: Perfect for the bibliophile in your life or for anyone who loves the Tumblr.

My Favorite from Literary Starbucks

The March family strolls to the counter together. Meg orders a Frappuccino. She is immediately fulfilled. She and the assistant manager get married on the spot.

Beth befriends the franchise owner, who gives her his old espresso machine. She learns how to craft a heartbreakingly delicious brew and shares cups of it with everyone who walks in the door, including a feverish family in the corner. Finally, when she is ready, she orders a simple and delicious cup of tea. She tells the barista to taste it while she slowly begins to walk away. “Aren’t you going to drink this?” asks the barista. “No,” says Beth, “I never imagined myself drinking tea at a place like this. All I ever wanted was a little bit of jo.” As the barista takes another sip, Beth vanishes. Everyone is emotionally destroyed almost immediately.

Unable to process Beth’s disappearance, Jo orders an incredibly intricate, complex, and stylish drink. It is her first time at Starbucks, after all, and she wants to please the crowd. The barista convinces her to order a drink that’s more like what she’s used to having at home. It’s perfect.

Amy goes up to the counter and takes Jo’s drink.

Marmee goes up to the counter and orders a small cup of coffee. “Don’t you want to order a drink for your husband?” asks the barista. Marmee chuckles. “You know, for a while there I completely forgot that he existed,” she says.

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  • These are too funny! The Nick Carraway one in particular had me laughing.

    • That one is one of my favorites!