From Page to Screen: Something Borrowed (2011)

Something Borrowed

I read Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin last year and thought it’d be a great addition to my From Page to Screen Feature.

What I Loved

  • The actors. Kate Hudson and Ginnifer Goodwin portray Darcy and Rachel exactly as I pictured them.
  • The Ethan story. I liked that they gave him more screen time (they basically used him as a replacement for Rachel’s lawyer friend).
  • It’s a fairly faithful adaptation of the book.

What I Didn’t Love

  • The Ethan story. I don’t like that Rachel and Ethan’s relationship had to turn romantic (on Ethan’s part). Why can’t a man and woman be friends without any kind of romantic attachment?
  • There wasn’t the same kind of character depth. The book does an amazing job getting inside of Rachel’s head. The movie can only superficially do this through flashback scenes.

Fun Facts

BTW, did you see the Emily Giffin cameo? It’s when Rachel and Marcus sit on a bench in Central Park … the one where he has a really inappropriate conversation about his sexual habits. She’s sitting on the bench next to them reading Something Blue. I thought that was a fun tidbit.

Book vs. Movie

Book wins. The movie is a solid rom-com but just doesn’t have the depth of the book.

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  • I so agree..a girl and a guy should be able to be just friends.

    • JessicaWorkman

      Yes! I hate it when movies/TV turn perfectly good book friendships into something romantic.