From Page to Screen: Outlander S1:E3, “The Way Out”

From Page to Screen: Outlander S1:E3, “The Way Out”

This week’s episode was really good. I’ve gotten used to the way the episodes work. This week, “The Way Out” started with a flashback scene that wasn’t in the books (if I remember correctly). As always, the writers have done a great job adding content to the series that feels like it *could* be in the book. I thought the scene framed the episode perfectly.

Claire is looking for the way out of Castle Leoch. She decides that showing Colum that she is trustworthy, therefore NOT a spy, is the best way. So she sets about doing her physician duties. This plan backfires. Instead of showing that she isn’t a spy, she’s established herself as a miracle healer who is indispensable to Colum.

The pacing of “The Way Out” was a lot better. It went quickly — I think because Claire was moving around the castle, the grounds, and the village. More scene changes = faster pacing, in my opinion. Even Rupert and Angus (it’s still hard for me to tell them apart) complain that she’s never still.

Outlander S1:E3, "The Way Out" (Starz)
Outlander S1:E3, “The Way Out” (Starz)

We also get to see a lot more of Geillis Duncan. Let’s talk about how awesome this photo is for a few reasons. One, Geillis looks a little scheming. Two, Claire’s cowl. Good grief, that’s gorgeous. I think I need some chunky yarn and a big crochet hook, stat. Anyway, “The Way Out” certainly sets up a lot of things that’ll happen later in the series. Even Mark (my non-Outlander reading husband) picked up on some stuff. Claire has crossed the parish priest … who looks like a scarier version of Lurch from The Addams Family. I have to admire the way they portrayed superstition and religion in this episode. There’s a fine balance between the mystical/mythical folklore and the way they think about god and the devil. Geillis certainly embodies the former while Lurch embodies the latter.

There was also a lot of Jamie and Claire time in “The Way Out.” This made me happy. The sexual tension certainly rises with every interaction … and Laoghaire is not pleased. Though no *real* scheming happened, you can tell that certain characters have certain motives just by the way they look at Claire. Love, love, love.

I’m still very pleased with the Outlander adaptation. Stay tuned next week for more thoughts on S1:E4, “The Gathering.”

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  • I’ve loved this week’s episode even if Claire’s daylight dream at the beginning made me wonder what was happening !

    • JessicaHolland

      Haha. My husband was like, “Surely she isn’t stupid enough to tell someone that!”