From Page to Screen: Jurassic Park (1993)

From Page to Screen: Jurassic Park (1993)

What I Liked

  • The adaptation. Michael Crichton helped write the script. There are some exact quotes that transferred between the two mediums. I also liked what he cut and added. I think the movie is the perfect representation of how a movie can deviate from the book, still keep the essential message, and still be considered “good.”
  • Jeff Goldblum. He’s absolutely perfect as Ian Malcolm. He captures all of his humor, sarcasm, and anxiety about introducing extinct animals into a modern environment.
  • John Hammond. They watered down his character for the movie. I think this is a good thing because I really didn’t like him in the book. I also like that the film forces him to discuss his faults.
  • The music. I’m sorry but John Williams is the greatest composer ever. Period. End of story.

What I Didn’t Like

  • That the movie reverses Tim and Lex’s ages. In the book, Tim is older. I do appreciate that Lex isn’t the annoying little girl that she is in the book but I generally like book Tim better than both movie Tim and movie Lex.

Book vs. Movie

It’s a tie. Sometimes a book is so well adapted that it’s as good as the book. Science is equal with the action in the book. The film has to take a different path to keep the audience. The science is still there but it has to take a back seat to visual action.

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  • i love the comparison of the two works and glad it each held up on their own despite the switch in characters ages.

    • JessicaWorkman


  • What are your feeling on Jurassic Park 4???

    • JessicaWorkman

      Hmm. It’s hard to tell because all we really know is the casting. I know it’s not a reboot, so that’s good. I like the casting that they’ve done. Chris Pratt is really hot right now so I think there’s a good chance of this being decent.

  • Michelle

    These two are definitely strong on their own. The ones thing I can’t stand about the movie is Lex…at least with the book I didn’t have to hear her crying/screaming/squealing all the time, lol.

    • JessicaWorkman

      Oh man, I totally understand. I could tolerate her in the movie but she totally got on my nerves in the book. I know that girl was old enough to understand that they were in danger and needed to BE QUIET AND BEHAVE. Ugh.

  • Greg Hill

    I liked Jeff Goldblum a lot in this movie, and it’s nice when they let the author write the screenplay or be involved so that the movie is relatively faithful to the book. I’m just reading this now for the first time but it’s nice to finally read the original story.