A New Direction for Tales Between the Pages

Hi Everyone,

I made a pretty big decision about how I want Tales Between the Pages to run. From now on, I’m going to focus on YA and middle-grade books. That’s what I’ve read the most lately. It’s what I really enjoy reading and what I enjoy reviewing, for both School Library Journal and Tales Between the Pages.

I’m also reading a lot of YA and middle-grade because I’m developing curriculum materials for Teachers Pay Teachers. My shop is called Book Smart Literature Resources and can be found here. There’s nothing there at the moment, but I’m working on creating materials now. I taught college courses for a long time and created curriculum materials for public school teachers on a freelance basis. Even though I don’t teach anymore, I definitely want to share my knowledge and expertise with other teachers.

If you see reviews of adult books here, it’s because I see some crossover appeal for young adults. My criteria for selecting these books is simple: if I would have liked reading it when I was a young adult, I’ll review it here. If you are a parent, teacher, or librarian reading this blog, keep in mind that I was an advanced reader with eclectic reading tastes. Not every adult book has crossover appeal for every kid. I just don’t want to exclude the advanced readers out there looking for good book recommendations.

But Tales Between the Pages isn’t just for kids. I welcome people of all ages who love to read and engage with YA and middle-grade books. There will be at least one new post per week.

I hope you all enjoy this new direction and the new-and-improved Tales Between the Pages


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