Booking Through Thursday – Changes

Today’s Booking Through Thursday question is all about change.

Has a book ever inspired you to change anything in your life, fiction or non-fiction alike?

As far as I can tell, no. There are qualities that I’ll read in characters that I wish I had, but a book hasn’t made me want to go out and actively change the way I am because I’m pretty happy with myself at this point in my life.

There have been books I loved, books that I fell in love with, and books that changed my life, and they’re not always the same nor mutually exclusive.

Hmm, I’m not sure if I’d qualify books as “changed my life,” but I do remember striving to be a more even-tempered person during one of my re-reads of the Little House on the Praire series. Laura would always lose her temper as a child but she learned to govern it. I wanted to do the same thing (and I did). Ok, so maybe books have changed my life. 🙂

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  • Laurel-Rain Snow

    The kinds of changes I discovered through books are about perspective, or how I view issues.

    Sometimes the changes are very subtle and cumulative over time with a variety of reading experiences.  Here’s



    • JessicaWorkman

      I read in another post on this weeks BTT about inspiration. I never thought about the way perspective and/or inspiration change you. They totally do.

      I, somehow (I blame the early morning), just didn’t think about it from that perspective when I was answering the question. I had a “duh” moment. Of course these things change us. They shape us, we’re motivated by them, and we gradually change.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  • I agree that certain characters have qualities we want to emulate and some we don’t.   Of course, there are characters I don’t like simply because they remind me too much of negative things in myself….

    • JessicaWorkman

      That’s a great point! I’ve also run across that moment where I realize I don’t like a character because they embody something I don’t like about myself. It’s quite uncomfortable, really.

      Thanks for your comment!

  • I never really realized a book “changed” me, but looking back i can see how they influenced me! I’m a Twitter follower! Hop on over if you have the time: 
    Juli @ Universe in Words

    • JessicaWorkman

      Hi Juli!

      You have a great blog. I’m a follower now. Thanks for stopping by!

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    • JessicaWorkman

      I think too often we find ourselves wanting instant gratification. I guess that’s why I never thought about subtleties when it comes to change.